How to bid


1. Enter the catalogue for the coming auction by means of CATALOGUE/NEXT AUCTION.

2. Select the lot item you want to bid for.

3. Click on “Make a bid”.

4. Complete the fields indicated:

a. Limit of your bid (if you wish to make a written bid): You must indicate the maximum amount you wish to bid for the lot item; this amount must always be higher than the starting bid price and must be made according to our bid scale (see this in “Buyer’s conditions”)

b. Telephone bid: We will call you by phone if you wish

c. You can bid using both methods: In writing (indicating a limit), and also request that we call you by phone

5. Click on “Continue bidding” if you would like to see more lot items; if you do not finally bid for any more items, go to the top of the page.

6. Click on “Proceed to checkout” when you have finished bidding.

7. Enter your personal details.

8. Accept the auction room conditions and the privacy policy.

9. Click on “Submit”; your bids will be sent to Alcalá Subastas. The bid department will answer you as soon as possible to confirm receipt and you can ask them for further information if required.

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Lote 1

Broche Isabelino a modo de flor con perla entre círculos de cintas onduladas de oro y esmalte con diamantes.

Precio de salida 850€