Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1231: “Virgen del Rosario” Trabajo italiano, ff. del S. XVI - pp. del S. XVII – Salida: 30.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 - Lote 401: JOSEP CUSACHS Y CUSACHS (Montpellier 1851 - Barcelona 1908) La Boleta - Salida: 8.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 516: Tocador femenino en madera policromada y “lacca povera”. Venecia, Italia, S. XVIII – Salida: 25.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 319: ATRIBUIDO A FRANÇOIS DE NOMÉ (1593-1640) Escena de batalla naval – Salida: 10.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 376: JOSÉ JIMÉNEZ ARANDA (Sevilla, 1837-1903) Estudio de cabeza masculina – Salida: 1.400€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 833: Pendientes largos años 60 con perillas de rubíes de intenso color y 5,80 ct, con brillantes y baguettes – Salida: 7.500€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 341: ESCUELA ESPAÑOLA, h. 1760. Don Eugenio Alvarado, I Marqués de Tabalosos y VI Conde de Cartago – Salida: 20.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 835: Brazalete articulado de brillantes formado por tres líneas en rivière de chatones de brillantes de diferentes tamaños – Salida: 11.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 387: ELISEO MEIFRÉN ROIG (Barcelona, 1859-1940) Marina - Salida: 1.800€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 281: PEDRO MACHUCA (h. 1490-1550) Tríptico – Salida: 40.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1169: Coquera o mate-cofre. Ayacucho, Perú, S. XVIII–XIX – Salida: 8.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1104: EUSEBIO SEMPERE (Onil, 1923 - 1985) Sin título (Serie Formas), 1974 – Salida: 6.500€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 227: Pendientes largos con tres aguamarinas talla navette y esmeralda orladas de brillantes en cascada – Salida: 2.200€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1179: “Calvario con Virgen Dolorosa” Escuela Cíngalo-portuguesa, S. XVIII – Salida: 15.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 339: ESCUELA COLONIAL, SIGLO XVIII. Santo Tomás de Aquino con Cristo y la Virgen – Salida: 5.500€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1113: JOSÉ MANUEL BROTO (Zaragoza, 1949) S.T, 1998 – Salida: 10.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lotes 1258 y 1259: “América” Alcora, 1775-80 y “Africa” Alcora, 1803 - 1808 – Salida: 3.750€ cada uno

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1105: ELENA ASINS (Madrid, 1940 - Azpíroz, 2015) Canons 22 Isométrico en B, 2002 – Salida: 15.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 247: Collar de rubíes y brillantes estilo Belle Époque – Salida: 12.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1114: JOAN HERNÁNDEZ PIJUAN (Barcelona, 1931 - 2005) Xiprer vestit de llum blanca 3, 2002 – Salida: 35.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 378: IGNACIO LEÓN ESCOSURA (Oviedo, 1834-Toledo, 1901) Monje franciscano leyendo – Salida: 3.500€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 817: Broche de libélula Art- Decó con esmalte plique-à -jour, y brillantes sobre montura articulada de platino – Salida: 5.500€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 1027: LUIS FERNÁNDEZ (Oviedo, 1900 - París, 1973) Bodegón con gallo y conejo, 1941 – Salida: 3.000€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 815: Importante sortija flor c.1930 de brillantes que suman 11 ct, realizada en platino – Salida: 8.500€

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lotes 275 y 276: BARTOLOMÉ DE CASTRO (act. en Palencia, ¿?-1507) San Antón y La Visitación – Salida: 11.000€ cada uno

Subasta marzo 2018 – Lote 386: MARIANO FORTUNY Y MARSAL (Reus, Tarragona, 1838 - Roma, 1874) Estudio para Il contino – Salida: 4.000€

How to Sell

Selling conditions

1. The seller deposits the goods for sale in the auction at a starting price established by mutual agreement. The starting figure is the minimum sale price.

2. The seller guarantees that they are the owner of the goods deposited or that they are validly authorised by the legitimate owner, and may therefore be in their possession free from any claims, charges or other levies.

3. The seller grants full rights to ALCALA SUBASTAS* to photograph and reproduce any goods whose sale is entrusted to them.

4. ALCALA SUBASTAS* holds an insurance policy for coverage of potential damages or losses of the goods deposited with it, which guarantees the value agreed as the starting price, less the auction house's commission.

5. If the seller, at their own initiative, proceeds to remove the lots before the auction has taken place, they must pay any intermediation fees to ALCALA SUBASTAS* which may have been accrued if they are sold at the starting price, in other words, 29,67% + the corresponding VAT.

6. ALCALA SUBASTAS* will be responsible for any expenses relating to collection (within Madrid), insurance, storage and photography. Charges for returning items will be at the seller's expense.

Under no circumstances does this insurance policy cover damages caused by termites or moths. If the items held in storage are not going to be sold at a future auction, ALCALÁ SUBASTAS* will not be responsible for any damage or deterioration to such goods held in storage after a period of 60 days from the date of the delivery note.

7. If it is deemed necessary, by mutual agreement between the seller and the auction house, to clean or restore any of the goods or consult with experts outside the auction house, the resulting costs will be at the seller's expense, even if the lots fail to sell.

8.To copyrighted pieces subject to Law 3/2008 on Intellectual Property the corresponding deduction will be applied where applicable, which will be at the seller's expense.

9. The auction's organisation will be at the expense of ALCALÁ SUBASTAS* who will arrange the date and time, the lots included, as well as their order and description, with a view to achieving the best possible end result.

10. ALCALA SUBASTAS* will deduct from the sale price any fees for intermediation in the sale, which will be 13% of the auction price, plus any corresponding taxes.

11. The following charges for inclusion in the catalogue will apply:

From €6 to €29.................. €3

From €30 to €149.............. €6

From €150 to €299............ €9

From €300 to €599............ €12

From €600 to €1,199......... €18

From €1,200 to €2,999...... €30

From €3,000 to €5,999...... €90

From €6,000 upwards....... €120

These expenses will be discounted from the settlement provided that the lots sell.

12. The settlement of allocated pieces will take place within a period of 30 days from the date of the auction and provided that the lots have been paid for in advance by the purchasers.

13. Unless otherwise indicated by the seller, the auction house may allocate unsold lots after the auction respecting the price agreed with the seller.

After a month has passed since the day of the auction without any unsold goods being removed by the seller, ALCALA SUBASTAS* is authorised to put them up for auction again, deducting 40% from the initial starting price. If the seller does not wish to auction the item again and a month has passed since the auction without having removed it from the auction house, they will be obliged to pay storage expenses at a rate of €6/day from this date.

* Registered trading name of SUBASTAS SALAMANCA, S. L.

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Lote 1

Broche Isabelino a modo de flor con perla entre círculos de cintas onduladas de oro y esmalte con diamantes.

Precio de salida 850€