Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 926: SEGÚN JEAN- MARC NATTIER (Escuela francesa, siglo XIX) Retrato de Luis José Javier de Francia, duque de Borgoña - Salida: 1.300€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 1118: Juan de Juni (Joigny, 1506 - Valladolid, 1577) “San Jerónimo” - Salida: 100.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 340: LUIS FEITO (Madrid, 1929) S.T. - Salida: 4.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 366: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES Y SAAVEDRA “Novelas exemplares …” “En Brusselas, … 1614”- Salida: 7.500€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 213: Broche c.1850 de brillantes de talla antigua, con centro de diamante talla cojín de 3 ct aprox - Salida: 16.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 1121A “Cristo crucificado” Bronce, esmalte y dorado. Limoges , Francia, S. XIII - Salida: 12.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 964: JOAQUÍN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA (Valencia, 1863 - Madrid, 1923) El cabo de San Antonio, Jávea - Salida: 17.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 965: JULIO ROMERO DE TORRES (Córdoba, 1874-1930) Cordobesa - Salida: 60.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 878: ATRIBUIDO A PEDRO DE ACOSTA (1690-1756) Trampantojo - Salida: 7.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 855: ESCUELA BURGALESA, SIGLO XVI. La última cena - Salida: 15.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 963: GABRIEL MORCILLO RAYA (Granada, 1887-1973) Torerillo - Salida: 9.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 419: Graux-Marly* Pareja de candelabros en bronce dorado sobre columna de mármol. Trabajo francés, S. XIX - Salida: 15.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 489: Virgen Dolorosa. Escultura Colonial Novohispana, S. XVIII - Salida: 18.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 931: JOSÉ DE MADRAZO (1781-1859) Retrato del Rey Fernando VII, a caballo h. 1821 - Salida: 8.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 488: Baúl. Trabajo mejicano, Olinalá, estado Guerrero, primera mitad del S. XIX - Salida: 6.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 500: Guglielmo della Porta (Porlezza, h. 1515- Roma, 1577). Cristo crucificado. Roma, hacia 1569- 1577 - Salida: 20.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 368: WILLEM JANSZOON y JOAN BLAEU “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive Atlas Novus. Partis Secundae. Pars Altera” - Salida: 7.500€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 897: ESCUELA ESPAÑOLA, SIGLO XVII. San Jerónimo - Salida: 3.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 203: Delicados pendientes de pp. S. XX con gota colgante de esmalte Pliqué-á-Jour - Salida: 2.750€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 1080: Cabinet on stand William and Mary. Inglaterra, finales S. XVII - Salida: 2.750€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 362: Real Provisión de Enrique IV. Madrid, el 15 de marzo de 1464 - Salida: 1.100€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 345: MANUEL HERNÁNDEZ MOMPÓ (Valencia, 1927 - Madrid, 1992) Déjame, 1966 - Salida: 6.500€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 764: Conjunto de collar, brazalete, y pendientes con diseño de hojas y flores de esmeraldas, brillantes, rubíes y jade con cerezas de coral colgantes - Salida: 40.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 426: Juego regencia de té de plata en su color. Londres, Paul Storr, h. 1811 - Salida: 5.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 343: ESTEBAN VICENTE (Turégano, 1903 - Bridgehampton, 2001) Sin título, 1989 - Salida: 6.500€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 828: Reloj ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL SUBMARINER 200-M o 660 ft en acero. Ref 5513 año 1966 - Salida: 10.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 346: ANTONI TÀPIES (Barcelona, 1923 - 2012) Dibujo-dedicatoria, 1990 - Salida: 10.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 966: JOAQUÍN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA (Valencia, 1863 - Madrid, 1923) Calle desierta, Asís - Salida: 10.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 954: MARIANO FORTUNY Y MARSAL (Reus, Tarragona, 1838 - Roma, 1874) Estudio de maceta y perro - Salida: 3.800€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 374: Legitimación a Ana Díez de Torquemada como hija de Juan Díez de Torquemada. Firmado por Isabel de Portugal, en Ávila, 1531 - Salida: 1.900€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 908: LUIS TRISTÁN (1580/1585-1624) Retrato de caballero - Salida: 18.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 768: Magnífico collar “Lily of the Valley” de pavé de esmeraldas con centro de perlas y flores de brillantes - Salida: 45.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 1071: “Virgen Inmaculada” Escultura en marfil tallado. Escuela Hispano-filipina S. XVII - Salida: 22.500€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 248: JOSÉ DE TOGORES (Cerdanyola del Vallès, 1893 - Barcelona, 1970) Le coeur, Antibes, 1928 - Salida: 20.000€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 373: Carta de donación de tierras al Monasterio de San Juan de Ortega. (Burgos), 10 de enero 1299 - Salida: 1.200€

Subasta junio 2019 - Lote 481: Gran Buda en bronce sobre base de madera - Salida: 2.000€

How to buy

Conditions for purchase

1. Lots will be allocated to the highest bidder.

2. The price will be increased by 21% due to intermediation fees charged by the auction house (VAT included).

3. The auctioneer will be the person appointed by ALCALA SUBASTAS* for this purpose and will be the sole judge when it comes to allocating the lots and their auction prices. If a lot poses allocation problems in relation to the auction price or identity of the purchaser, the auctioneer will decide the allocation or may auction it again during the same session.

4. Bids must be made in accordance with the following scale and any that differ will be rounded down to allow this bid to comply with this requisite:

From €50 (8,319 pts.) to €100 (16,638 pts.)...................................... €5 (832 pts.)

From €100 (16,638 pts.) to €200 (33,277 pts.).................................. €10 (1,663 pts.)

From €200 (33,277 pts.) to €500 (83,193 pts.) ................................. €25 (4,159 pts.)

From €500 (83,193 pts.) to €1000 (166,386 pts.) ............................. €50 (8,319 pts.)

From €1000 (166,386 pts.) to €2,000 (332,772 pts.) ........................ €100 (16,638 pts.)

From €2,000 (332,772 pts.) to €5000 (831,930 pts.) ........................ €250 (41,596 pts.)

From €5,000 (831,930 pts.) to €10,000 (1,663,860 pts.).................... €500 (83,193 pts.)

From €10,000 (1,663,860 pts.) to €20,000 (3,327,720 pts.) ............... €1,000 (166,386 pts.)

From €20,000 (3,327,720 pts.) to €50,000 (8,319,300 pts.) ............... €2,500 (415,965 pts.)

From €50,000 (8,319,300 pts.) to €100,000 (16,638,600 pts.) ........... €5,000 (831,930 pts.)

From €100,000 (16,638,600 pts.) to €200,000 (33,277,200 pts.)........ €10,000 (1,663,860 pts.)

From €200,000 (33,277,200 pts.) to €500,000 (83,193,000 pts.)........ €25,000 (4,159,650 pts.)

From €500,000 (83,193,000 pts.) upwards ....................................... €50,000 (8,319,300 pts.)

In any case, depending on your experience, the auction house may vary the bidding system in specific cases.

5. ALCALA SUBASTAS* shall allow bids until 2pm on the day of the auction, where ALCALÁ SUBASTAS* shall not be responsible for any possible errors that may occur due to the same, that may occur for any bids admitted after this time. These bids must be formalised on the forms provided for this purpose in the auction house, with the lot number always appearing on the description. In these bids, the auction house will represent the purchaser up to the maximum indicated in their offer, allocating the lots at the lowest price possible. If there are two offers for the same amount, priority will be given to the one submitted earliest.

6. ALCALA SUBASTAS* reserves the right to accept telephone bids depending on the criteria it deems appropriate, always with prior submission by the client of sufficient guarantees to also be formalised in the forms provided by the room. An order to make a phone bid means the bidder agrees to cover the starting price as a minimum. The room is not responsible for the lack or loss of telephone contact. In this case the room covers the starting price by the bidder.

7. ALCALA SUBASTAS* may not accept bids from customers whose solvency has not been duly proven, nor shall items be allocated to them.

8. Information on the lots published in the catalogue reflect the criteria of ALCALA SUBASTAS*, and as such, must not be considered as fact. Purchasers must form their own opinion prior to the auction and for this reason, the items to go on auction are exhibited publicly for a period of seven days in advance. ALCALA SUBASTAS* will not accept any responsibility as regards the accuracy of its catalogues.

9. The lots purchased by the buyers will be delivered in the state observed in the exhibition, without accepting returns for restorations, damage, cracks, etc.., although they have not been listed in the catalogue. Therefore only sales cancellations will be accepted, when the objects have suffered some kind of damage from the day the exhibition closes and the seven days following the auction. In the case of the sale of watches, we do not guarantee the proper functioning of the machinery, even when we indicate that it is in working order, as this indicates that it can run but it may not be accurate.

10. Payment and collection of the lots shall be made no later than seven days from the auction. ALCALA SUBASTAS* shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the objects after this term:

  • - After this period, custody and storage costs of € 2 per day per lot will be charged.
  • - The customer must pay all bank charges if payment is made by bank transfer, accepting only those transfers in which the amount received matches the sales invoice.
  • - Collection of the acquired objects will be made at the offices of ALCALA SUBASTAS* Buyers must be responsible for organizing the transport of the lots, in the event they could not pick them up personally, as the shipping costs must be borne by the buyer and any loss or damage that may occur during transport is their sole responsibility.
  • - After one month from the auction without the buyer having paid and collected the awarded lots, ALCALA SUBASTAS* may cancel the sale without prejudice to the corresponding legal actions and with no right of the buyer to any claim.

11. PERMISSION All clients must find out themselves if the pieces they have purchased need exportation permission, CITES or other permission before being taken from the room. It is the client's responsibility to pay the fees in each case. It is the client's responsibility to obtain permission. If permission is not given or there is a delay in obtaining it, this shall not not relieve you from making payment for the piece, which must be paid for within 7 after days after the auction.

12. CONDITIONS FOR BIDDERS. The customer must provide a credit/debit card and a certificate of solvency issued by their bank, indicating the following points:

  1. 1. The customer's history in the bank is satisfactory and dates back several years.
  2. 2. Their economic capacity is sufficient to cover the payment of any invoices resulting from purchases in our auction house.

13. Our payment methods are:

  1. 1. Bank Transfer
  2. 2. Credit Cards:
    • a. You may pay with VISA & Master Card; with no additional charge: Credit Cards
      • Online (Secure Payments)
      • In our room
      • By phone
      • By agreeing to our card charge authorization form
    • b. With American Express (AMEZ); a 1,5 of the invoice total will be added. American express
      • In our room
      • By phone
      • By agreeing to our card charge authorization form
  3. 3. Cash (under Article 7 of the Law 2012/07, of October 29th)
  4. 4. Cheques issued by Spanish banks

We will charge your credit/debit card the total invoice if we do not receive the balance within fifteen days of the auction.

14. Any litigious questions which may arise between the parties in relation to the interpretation, fulfilment, effects or termination of this contract, shall be expressly submitted to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid capital, where relevant, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if it differs.

ALCALÁ SUBASTAS* reserves the right to admission based on its own criteria.

* Registered trading name of SUBASTAS SALAMANCA, S. L.

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Lote 1

Broche Isabelino a modo de flor con perla entre círculos de cintas onduladas de oro y esmalte con diamantes.

Precio de salida 850€