LUIS GORDILLO. Deshielo libidinal, 1985. Salida y Remate: 30.000€

Carta de crédito de El Gran Capitán, 1514. Salida: 700€. Remate: 2.500€

JOAQUÍN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA. Naranjos de Valencia. Salida: 7.000€. Remate: 15.000€

ZACARÍAS GONZÁLEZ VELÁZQUEZ. Retrato de niño, h. 1805. Salida: 4.000€. Remate: 22.500€

ESCUELA ALEMANA, FF. SIGLO XVIII- PPIOS SIGLO XIX. Salida: 2.000€. Remate: 10.000€

Jarrón globular en porcelana. Dinastía Qing, periodo Qianlong, S. XIX. Salida: 2.500€. Remate: 70.000€

Diadema S. XIX cinco centros desmontable de estrellas de brillantes talla antigua. Salida: 6.000€. Remate: 18.000€

Vajilla en porcelana “Familia Rosa” Compañía de Indias, S. XVIII. Salida: 55.000€. Remate: 95.000€

“Sagrada Familia” en marfil tallado. Escuela Hispano-Filipina, S. XVII. Salida: 80.000€. Remate: 110.000€

Who we are

Alcalá Subastas started out in the auction world in 1999, with a clear dual business and research focus,resulting in the discovery of major works of art for Spanish Historical Heritage and collecting. Some examples of this are a still life signed by Michel de Pret (who had been virtually unheard of up to that point) as well as two unreleased paintings by Francisco de Goya-“Tobías y el Ángel” and “La Sagrada Familia”- currently on display at the Prado Museum.

Our business relationship with Spanish and foreign collectors as well as with a range of National and Foreign Institutions have all been of key importance to our development.

We have taken the same route as antique painting, both in terms of decorative arts and modern and contemporary painting, with significant developments in the same.

We aim to continue breaking new ground, such as the recently created gems department as well as to consolidate and enhance our existing departments.

Alcalá Subastas is regulated by a permanent transparency policy based on constant communication channels in order to ensure that its customers have clear, comprehensive, thorough and accurate information in order to allow them to assess the quality of their cataloguing.

Our vision for art to remain alive with a firm commitment to be a benchmark auction house is supported by our team of top professionals from the sector, a key factor for our prestigious reputation both in Spain and abroad.

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Broche Isabelino a modo de flor con perla entre círculos de cintas onduladas de oro y esmalte con diamantes.

Precio de salida 850€